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The project is an open source initiative to present users a fast photo explorer and search tool to browse millions of photos in flickr. The app is made with a bit of jQuery blend using MVC and custom LINQ.

The project also embodies a cloud computing scenario where the actual datastore lies millions of miles away invoked though simple API.

The Application gives a nice starting point for MVC, it also shows a strong integration of jQuery with MVC as a client framework. It uses Athena ( LINQ to flickr API for fetching in and out data which is made on a custom LINQ provider toolkit made best for creating LINQ to Cloud APIs (

New release 1.3 with MVC Beta and jQuery 1.2.6.
Updated 1.3 with MVC 1.0 and jQuery 1.3.2

Version Notes MVC Beta => more info can be found at The latest dlls are supplied with the source but its better to install it for documentation and other IDE enhancements. Rhino mock and NUnit dlls already provided with the package, use NUnit GUI to to test visually or ReSharper testing tool to test from VS IDE.

You can use the project to host in your site to use it as a fast flickr photo explorer, or use it to play around with mocks and MVC or browser flickr though it using url hackeed style.

Things you can do (Not limited)
Search photos , though user, tag or keyword.
Jump into photos with popular tags.
Leave comments.
Share your favorite photos to popular social networking sites.
Use it a one stop link in your blog (your) for showing your photos.
Use it as a stater-kit for MVC.


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